Quality feed

Welcome to KMP - Köster Marine Proteins GmbH.
We are a service provider for high-quality, high-protein feed such as fishmeal and soy protein concentrate (SPC).
Quality assurance and traceability, taking sustainable aspects into account, are important cornerstones of our business.


Consumers, government authorities and legislators demand complete traceability of feed. We overcome this logistical challenge with the help of our network, which has grown over decades.

Referring to the chart, as an example you can trace a sample batch of fishmeal back along the entire supply chain from catching the fish to delivering the fishmeal to the customer.

June 10 / 04:00H CET-6 h
07°31'S – 79°32'W

Catching the fish

Satellite-based monitoring and documentation of all catches by Peruvian authorities.

June 10 / 06:00H CET-6 h
09°05'S – 78°37'W


Monitoring the raw fish by SGS Peru.

June 10 / 06:01H CET-6 h
09°05'S – 78°37'W


Each batch is produced, bagged and stored in units of 50 t (stacks) in Peru.

June 10 / 07:00H CET-6 h
09°05'S – 78°37'W

Sampling (stackwise)

Quality control and veterinary inspection.

June 10 - July 2
09°05'S – 78°37'W

Resting phase for cooling

July 2 / 08:00H CET-6 h
09°05'S – 78°37'W

Loading the sea-going vessel

Each batch is individually recorded on the ship and re-sampled during loading. Loading takes place under the supervision of our own stowage company.

July 30 / 11:00H CET
53°06'N – 8°46'E

Arrival in Bremen
J. Müller Terminal:

Each batch is unloaded separately by Siwertell and conveyed to the appropriate cell. During unloading: automatic sampling for chemical and bacteriological inspection.

August 01 / 07:00H CET
53°06'N – 8°46'E

Unloading completed

Storage in separate cells, sorted according to producer and quality.

August 01 / 07:00H CET
53°06'N – 8°46'E


After quality control by the SGS and approval of the veterinary authority, we can transport the goods on to the customer.

August 02 / 13:00H CET
53°06'N – 8°46'E

Loading and transport

to the customer, e.g. in coasters, trucks or wagons

August 03 / 17:00H CET
69°00'N – 15°10'E

Goods to the customer

Handover of all necessary documents.

Fishmeal terminal

Together with our partner J. Müller Weser, we have established the biggest and the most modern fishmeal terminal in Europe.


Fishmeal terminal Bremen

Experience the biggest fishmeal terminal in Europe.

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