Essential protein source

Fishmeal has served as a protein source for livestock for decades, because in addition to the beneficial amino acid composition, it has a high digestibility of over 90%. For pigs and poultry, incorporating even less than 5% in the mix already achieves positive effects.

Use in aquaculture, which is recording high growth rates worldwide due to the limited catches of wild fish, is especially important. It has been shown that feed for salmon must contain a certain proportion of fishmeal and fish oil and cannot come entirely from vegetable sources. Fishmeal also serves as a supply of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which make many fish so valuable.


The fishmeal is obtained from fish species that are not suitable for human consumption. Typically these are small, bony and fatty fish such as capelin and anchovies. This ensures that fishmeal production is not at the expense of the population in the countries of origin, but that the protein sources can still be used for human nutrition.
Fishmeal is now also being used more and more frequently for pets, since dogs, cats and ornamental fish naturally also benefit from its positive components like the essential fatty acids, which the animals are unable to produce themselves.

Our range

Our range of products includes fishmeal of all qualities with a protein content of 58 % to over 70 %. We are happy to provide you with the right fishmeal depending on your requirements – contact us to find the perfect feed for your purposes.