Manufactured from GMO-free soya

We obtain Selecta’s SPC exclusively from our Brazilian partner, Sementes Selecta S/A. Only GMO-free soya beans that do not come from the Amazon biome are used in processing.

Processing the soya beans into soy protein concentrate is carried out under constant monitoring in order to provide our customers with a high-quality, safe product. The primary objective of processing is to remove the anti-nutritional factors (or ANFs) in the soya beans, thereby also increasing protein content and digestibility.

Soya beans plant

Production stages

In the first stage of manufacture the soya beans are crushed, peeled and cooked, then degreased. Treatment in what is known as a desolventizer-toaster removes the heat-sensitive ANFs by heating the soya beans and in doing so improves digestibility. The result is purified soya bean meal. The heat-resistant anti-nutritional factors are removed from this by ethanol-extraction, e.g. soluble carbohydrates such as oligosaccharides. The final step is drying and grinding, which gives the soya protein a very fine, flour-like consistency.