Vegetable protein source from GMO-free soya

Soya has a high protein content and is easy to digest.

For decades fishmeal has proved to be a high-quality protein source for livestock and pets. However, as a sustainably produced natural product, the overall global capacity of high-quality fishmeal is limited. As the demand for protein sources increases each year, we offer a supplement in the form of Selecta’s SPC. The soy protein concentrate is produced by Sementes Selecta S/A in Brazil and distributed on the European marked exclusively by KMP. Selecta’s SPC is GMO-free and does not come from protected areas of the Amazon biome.

Soya beans

Although soya beans are legumes, their amino acid composition is similar to animal protein sources. However, pure soya bean meal exhibits a high concentration of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs), such as oligosaccharides, which many animals cannot utilise. When processing soya into soya protein concentrate, these ANFs are removed as far as possible by heating or ethanol-extraction, which also increases the protein content as well as digestibility. This makes soy protein concentrate a high-quality and comparatively inexpensive protein source for many livestock and pet applications.

Selecta’s SPC is monitored by independent institutes. Only soya beans that do not come from the Amazon biome and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO-free) are used for production.

SPC is suitable for use in

  • Aquaculture feed
  • Starter feed for pigs and poultry
  • Milk replacers for calves
  • Pet food

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