Brake Terminal

Our soy protein concentrate, Selecta´s SPC is unloaded in collaboration with our partner J. Müller via their terminal in Brake / Weser.

The advantages of this modern terminal are its good location (just 26 kilometres away from the mouth of the Weser) and accessibility. Sea-going vessels with a draught of up to 12.2 m have no problem accessing the 2-km riverside pier to unload their goods for further transport by rail, road or water.
State-of-the-art crane and silo systems enable rapid and unimpeded unloading and storage of our soy protein concentrate.

the 2-km riverside pier in Brake


Strict separation from other goods is necessary in order to ensure traceability and so that the GMO-free soy protein concentrate does not mix with other soya products. Our partner J. Müller has responded promptly to this difficulty and designed the terminal accordingly to create these important requirements for sustainability.

Further important points include thorough cleaning and inspection of all equipment with which our SPC comes into contact. For example, all silo cells and screw conveyors are thoroughly cleaned before unloading or run empty for three minutes, as well as before subsequent loading. All cleaning and disinfecting steps take place in accordance with the KMP guidelines, exactly as in the Bremer fishmeal terminal. And all batches are of course strictly documented so that traceability is guaranteed.