Safety from Source to Customer

Sustainability, quality and safety are important to us for all of our products.

We provide services for products that come from distant regions; including fishmeal from Peru, Iceland and Morocco or soy protein concentrate from Brazil. The logistical challenges of course only really become interesting when it comes to implementing our high standards of quality, safety and sustainability – in terms of traceability for example. A network that has been maintained for decades, with exclusive partnerships with producers and logistics companies, forms the basis of our success and enables us to provide a complete service.

Fishmeal Services

At the source

  • Price negotiations and purchasing from reliable fishmeal producers
  • “Stackwise” sampling for quality control (stack = 50 tonnes of goods in bags)
  • Quality control and veterinary examination in collaboration with SGS
  • Loading sea-going vessels while ensuring the traceability of each individual batch of fishmeal
  • Our own stowage company in all Peruvian ports
  • On-site monitoring of each logistics step by our representatives


  • Ensuring traceability
  • Organising the chartering of suitable sea-going vessels
  • Handling import into the EU with all necessary documents

Unloading, storage and further transport in Bremen

  • Unloading sea-going vessels in a closed system (Siwertell)
  • Sampling with an automatic sampler to test for salmonella and enterobacteria by the veterinary authorities in Bremen
  • In the case of an infestation, gentle, thermal sterilisation takes place
  • Rapid determination of the components by means of a fixed NIR system (Perten)
  • Chemical analysis of the contents and contaminants by SGS Germany
  • Storage of the batches in separate silos to further ensure traceability
  • Storage of retained samples by accredited and independent quality management companies such as SGS
  • Comprehensive services such as cleaning, sterilisation, milling and standardisation
  • Further transport according to customer requirements: bulk, big bags, 50 kg bags
  • Loading onto coasters, trucks or containers
  • 24h self-service for trucks

Soy protein concentrate services

We are the exclusive distribution partner of the company Sementes Selecta S/A in Europe for the aqua and agri sector. Just as for our fishmeal services, we maintain strong contacts in the country of origin, organise the loading of vessels and all other stages from arrival at the destination port to delivery to the customer.

Unloading and storage in Brake

Brake …

  • is Germany’s most important port of entry for feed, with one of the biggest associated silo systems in Europe
  • meets the requirements for handling GMO-free soya
  • provides comprehensive services such as drying, aspiration, crushing, milling, grinding and mixing
  • carries out all document and customs clearance in one place

Efficient self-service systems enable preparation of the goods “just in time” and around the clock, seven days a week.